Champagne Pools, Fraser Island

The Champagne Pools are a collection of large rock pools along the coast of Fraser Island.

Champagne Pool Fraser Island

They are one of the most popular natural wonders on Fraser Island, bringing many travellers to this world heritage listed sight! The area is jam-packed with beautiful scenery, wildlife, and swimming opportunities. Perfect for an escape into nature’s hidden gems.

What are they?

These are no ordinary rock pools! They are much larger than your average rock crevasses, multiple craters filled with clear waters, ranging in sizes, the average being the size of a swimming pool. The name Champagne comes from the waves that crash onto the pool’s rocks. The water bubbles into white foam, much like champagne! The pools are filled with an array of flora and fauna, including fish, starfish, and sea plants. Native seabirds also roam the area, and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a whale in the deeper waters of the ocean.

Where are they?

Located on Fraser Island, just off the north of Indian Head, along with the 75-mile beach. Make your way to the Middle Rocks car park. Once there, head down the wooden boardwalk, and walk down the beach stairs. There you will face the stunning terrain filled with soft sand, sparkling ocean, jagged rocks, and clear blue swimming pools.

What Should You Do at Champagne Pools?

Cool off from the Aussie sun and plunge into these tranquil swimming pools. It is the best place to swim on Fraser Island as the surrounding beaches have unsafe currents and do not permit swimming. These calm, clear pools give you a safe and unique beach experience. Perfect for any kind of age as each pool is shallow enough for children to enjoy. We suggest bringing your thongs or shoes you can wear in the water, as not all pools have sand, but sharp rocks along the bottom.

If you want to adventure the area, head down to the beach to discover more of what the coast has to offer. There are many attractions around the area, with walking tracks that lead you to other parts of the beach or engulfing you in the bushland. Try to spot the dingoes that roam the island!

Fraser Island’s natural wonder, the Champagne Pools are most defiantly an unforgettable adventure. Try this unique experience, lounging in nature’s swimming pool as the waves crash over the rocks and fizzle towards you!

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