Visit the Gorgeous Beaches of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a surreal expanse of sand and rainforest. In fact, it is the largest sand island in the world, playing host to several stunning beaches that seem to sprawl endlessly out towards the horizon.

75 Mile Beach

For a taste of local beach life, and for the chance to experience breath-taking views out to sea, head to one of the many stretches of sand that hug the coastline. Here are some of the best.

  • Seventy-Five Mile Beach

    The most popular 75 mile beach is flanked by a beach highway that takes visitors right around the coast. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife, including birds of prey, sea birds, and dingoes. Here, fishing is a popular sport, with many people choosing the pristine sands to cast their rods from. Swimming is not advised, though, as there is a strong undercurrent and large sharks that in the surrounding waters.

  • Eli Creek

    If you do fancy swimming, head to Eli Creek, the only spot on Seventy-Five Mile Beach where you can swim in freshwater. Edging the creek, there is a picturesque path surrounding by diverse scenery. While there, relax and sunbathe or take a cooling dip in the waters.

  • Lake Wabby

    This small lake sits on the east coast of Fraser Island and is characterised by a large sand dune that edges down into the water. The unique coastline means there are stunning views out to sea, and its landscape makes it one of the most unusual beaches in the world.

  • Lake McKenzie

    Lake McKenzie

    Though Lake McKenzie is technically a lake, the surrounding sands give off a beach vibe. The fresh body of water is incredibly clear and is flanked by impossibly white sands and surreal trees. For many, this is the most impressive beach on Fraser Island, but that also means it is often the busiest stretch of sand. Visitors are advised not to use sun cream here, as it can be damaging to the environment if it gets into the freshwater lake.

  • Champagne Pools

    This is the only beach that touches the ocean on the island where it is safe to swim. Here, a selection of pools form a unique bay that makes for a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely swim.

  • Birrabeen

    Another lake on the island, Birrabeen, boasts considerably less visitors than other, more popular lakes like McKenzie. This gorgeous beach is still magnificent, though, with jaw-dropping views out onto the nearby ocean.

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