The Wildlife of Fraser Island

Fraser Island boasts an incredibly diverse selection of native wildlife thanks to its eclectic collection of landscapes and unique scenery. On any one day, you might spot a dingo loping elegantly along the beach right before catching a glimpse of a prehistoric lizard slithering up one of the island’s many trees.

A lot of the species on the island are rare or vulnerable, which makes visit to Fraser Island even more special.

The Mammals of Fraser Island

The island is home to a range of mammals because of its exceptional diversity in ecosystems and scenery. There are around 47 species of mammal, including the Swamp Wallaby, the Small Eared Mountain Possum, and the Sugar Glider. When wandering around the island, you can catch these creatures in their natural habitat, whether that’s under the canopies of ancient trees, or crawling up the tree trunks themselves.

The Birds of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is home to a whopping 354 species of birds, partly because of its incredible range of food sources, and partly because of its huge collection of different nesting and breeding areas. Keep your eyes peeled overhead when exploring the island to catch a glimpse of some of the rarer species.

The Reptiles of Fraser Island

The Sand Monitor and the Lace Monitor are the two most commonly spotted reptiles on Fraser Island, but there are in total around 79 species of reptile which includes 19 species of snakes. You’re most likely to see these creatures around picnic areas and in open woodland spaces on the island.

The Sea Creatures of Fraser Island

The sea surrounding Fraser Island is filled with unique and majestic sea creatures that can be discovered via scuba diving, snorkelling, or taking a boat ride. You might get to see dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and rays. And, if you’re lucky enough to be visiting between July and November, keep your eyes peeled for the migrating humpback whales as they head in search of warmer waters.

As well as these groups of animals, you also have the opportunity to spot rare frog species, including the “acid” frogs in the swamps.

Exploring Fraser Island is a unique and special experience thanks to its numerous landscapes and wildlife spotting opportunities. There are plenty of native species to spot while you’re there, from colourful bird species, to beloved mammal species, and majestic sea creatures that languish in the waves just off the shoreline.

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