75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, which makes it the perfect place to soak up sea views and enjoy beach life. 75 Mile Beach is one of the most popular spots on the island, boasting – you guessed it – 75 miles of wide, white sand beach.

Known for its adrenalin-pumping 4WD adventures, the beach has been voted one of the best coastal drives in the world.

Though it is a spectacular beach, it’s not really a swimming beach because it often has rough waters and there is a high shark population in the waters surrounding it. However, it’s the perfect spot if you’re looking to soak up endless ocean views and try some fishing.

On top of that, the beach is also a National Highway and landing strip for light aircraft, adding to the adventurous character of the area. When driving a 4WD along the stretch of coast, you just have to make sure you adhere to the 80km speed limit and give way to any landing planes. As you go, you’ll want to keep an eye out for hidden humps and dips in the sand and look out for the population of dingoes that can often be found wandering along the shoreline.

Things to Do Around 75 Mile Beach

As well as diving headfirst into the adventurous pursuits available on 75 Mile Beach, there are plenty of other things for visitors to get stuck into while they’re in the area.

There’s Rainbow Gorge, a unique natural landmark that boasts a number of pretty walking routes, The Maheno, and Eli Creek, all of which promise visitors a fascinating insight into the natural history of the island and some spectacular views of the surrounding scenery.

Elsewhere, there are the Champagne Pools, which are a popular swimming spot renowned for their lush bubbling pools of water that have been created by waves crashing over volcanic rocks for thousands of years.

But perhaps the best way to fully explore the 75 Mile Beach is to simply drive along its length. It’s essentially a highway. Bear in mind that driving along it is determined by the changing tides and the terrain at specific times of year.

Fraser Island is a unique place to explore and a must-visit for anyone looking to discover the surreal beauty of Australia. And, whilst there, 75 Mile Beach offers some of the best views and most adventurous activities.

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