How long should you stay on Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/05/2019

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Plan ahead and work out how long you should stay on this glorious sand island!

Nestled off the country’s east coast is Australia’s exceptional Fraser Island. It is the largest sand island in the entire world, ensuring a lot of room for attractions and activities to charm the whole family. But how long is enough? A day, weekend, or perhaps a week? Read our article and find out how long you need to stay on this glorious sand island.

Getting there

As it is an island, taking a ferry is always a part of your route. However, depending on where you are based, will determine if you need to train, bus, or drive to the ferry port, which is located at either Hervey Bay or Rainbow beach. If you don’t like the open seas, you can spend some extra cash for a direct flight from either Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

Where to stay?

Fraser Island is packed full of interesting activities for the whole family. So why not spend longer on this incredible island and pitch a tent at some of the best camping spots available? Camping is a relaxed style of holiday, offering the freedom to a day trip out with your 4WD or walking shoes, or simply relax in the camping ground, enjoying the wildlife surrounding you. We have listed just a few wonderful camping grounds on offer, but there are many more out there!

Best sites to visit

  • Seventy-Five Mile Beach

    Ditching the roads for the open beach is one of the best things to do with your 4WD. You can speed down the sandy beach, spraying the water as you weave in and out of the shoreline. The best spots to cruise down are the 75-mile Beach and Teewah beach, which gives you plenty of room to drive down.

  • Lake McKenzie

    Cool off from the Aussie heat and sink into the pure waters of Lake McKenzie. Surrounded by lush bushland, this crystal-clear lake is perfect for a tranquil break during your journey. Known as a ‘perched lake,’ which means it sits above the island’s water table, being filled up by rainwater, and never draining out. Its high acidity within its waters makes it bare from most wildlife, leaving it completely pure. Simply slip in and soak up the still waters.

  • Maheno Shipwreck

    See the rusting red of the Maheno shipwreck contrast with the Island’s natural surrounds. Nestled along the shore of the island, this crumbling shipwreck holds both beauty and history. Its demise came in 1935 when a cyclone hit, leaving Maheno helplessly beached in shallow shores. Visit here during sunrise or sunset and see the brilliant rust shine against the white sand.

  • Eli Creek

    For a serene journey float down Eli Creek, which glides you down with its natural current. Here your troubles will melt into the waters, leaving you fully relaxed as you marvel at the ever-changing bushland scenery.

  • Champagne Pools

    Discover the massive rock pools of Fraser Island. Much like natural swimming pools, these watering holes are nestled right alongside the ocean but protected from the crashing waves the large rocks dividing them.

The Verdict

Although Fraser Island can be fantastic for any time, choosing how long to stay is entirely up to you. Depending on your interests and style will all play a part. Do you like constant adventure, cramming in as many activities within one day as possible? A mere day or two might do the trick for your holiday. If you prefer spacing things out to leave room for relaxing, a week or longer might suit you better. Regardless of your decision, we guarantee your adventure to Fraser Island will be an unforgettable time.

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