Can you swim in the Champagne Pools?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/27/2021

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The Champagne Pools are one of the most joyous attractions on Fraser Island.

Fraser Island Champagne Pools

The gorgeous pools are constantly renewed with waves gently rolling over the volcanic rock wall. To answer your question: yes, you most certainly can swim in the Champagne Pools!

In fact, the reason why the pools got their name is from the tiny little bubbles that fizz up to the surface after a wave break, giving you the sensation of swimming, you guessed it, in a glass of champagne!

The Champagne Pools are a wonderful way to cool off after a day’s exploring Fraser Island, so let’s find out about some of the other awesome activities that take place there before you hop into this natural jacuzzi.

  • 4WDing for days

    Fraser Island is one of Australia’s best places to go on an epic 4WD adventure. The island is awash with stunning scenery including ancient rainforests, gorgeous beaches, vast sandbanks and world famous Aussie wildlife like the dingo and Humpback Whale. Given that there is so much to see on this awesome island, 4WDing is the best way to take it all in at once. Plus, it’s pretty damn fun driving around a gorgeous island on 4WD, may we say so ourselves…

  • Take a swim at Lake McKenzie

    When you think about tropical islands you don’t necessarily think about lakes, right? Well on Fraser Island you would be wrong, as Lake McKenzie might just be the island’s most popular natural site. Not only are the cobalt waters perfect for swimming, but the lake is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests that are steeped in ancient Aboriginal history.

  • Go on majestic jungle hikes

    Fraser Island was once a centre of logging operations. Luck for everyone, this is no longer the case, and now you can go on incredible nature hikes in the areas that once focused on such operations. There are hikes for all fitness and enthusiasm levels, ranging from the .7 kilometre Wanggoolba Creek trail to the 4 kilometres, two hour Basin Lake trail. Either way, you will take in some of the island’s most lush greenery, with tall eucalyptus trees and gorgeous ferns awaiting you on your adventure.

Fraser Island is a nature lover’s paradise with something for everyone. Whether it’s swimming in the natural pool equivalent of Dom Perignon, 4WDing along 75 Mile Beach, looking for dingoes around the island’s open spaces or going for a spot of whale watching, Fraser Island will never disappoint those with a love for Australia’s great outdoors.

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