Is it safe to swim on Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/16/2019

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Work out where you can take a dip safely during your adventure within Fraser Island!

Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Australia. A setting that oozes natural beauty, with sun-drenched beaches, lush greenery, and soft golden sand. Many travellers visit this island in hope of summer vacation, filled with stunning swimming spots and delightful hot sunny days. However, before plunging into the glistening blue waters, find out the dangers and warnings in Fraser island’s swimming spots.

What are the risks?

There are many risks within the island, from poisonous plants to dangerous animals. For water activities, the risks are minor, with only a few cautions to take into consideration. The island is home to many large lakes, with mesmerizingly still waters and lush wildlife surrounding them. However, a lot of these lakes are shallower than they first appear. So, diving in head first is defiantly a no go, as many injuries have occurred. Swimming in the ocean can give you a much deeper swimming spot, but with larger space comes danger. With strong rip tides in areas, and even larger predators such as sharks roaming the area. As long as you are aware of these risks, swimming won’t be a problem for most places on Fraser Island. Simply stay alert to any signs or documentation on each watering hole before entering.

Where can you swim?

  • Lake McKenzie

    Lake McKenzie features crystal-clear waters and pure white sand and is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. It is known as a ‘perched lake,’ which essentially means it sits above the island’s water table, never draining and being completely rainwater. Making the lake pure and unsuitable place for a number of plants and animals. Without the natural waste that comes with the wildlife, McKenzie is left spellbindingly untainted.

  • Lake Wabby

    Another lake, but with this one being deep and mysterious. The deepest lake on the island, Lake Wabby is home to a number of slimy plants and wriggly creatures. So, don’t be frightened when you feel something brushing up against your legs! Spend an afternoon snoozing in the sand, swimming the shallows, or trekking out to the surrounds.

  • Champagne Pools

    For a swim among the sea water, head to the hidden shores of the Champagne Pools! The beach shore has a number of large rock pools, surrounded by large rocks that cut off the crashing waves from shore. These rock pools are perfect for a relaxing beach day! Great for kids and for those simply wanting to unwind. The name ‘Champagne’ comes from the sea bubbles which invade the pools when every wave crash against the rocks. The sea bubbles simmer like champagne bubbles, creating the magical effect the pools are known for! as the sea bubbles are similar to the sparkling wine. The pools are perfect for families, as they are essentially a natural swimming pool, letting you float, dive, or soak in the crystal waters.

  • Eli Creek

    For a water activity with a view, travel down Eli Creek by floating! Simply wade into the water in the deep in the middle of Fraser Island, slowly drifting until you eventually head straight out into the Pacific ocean. One of the most popular activities for this creek is to float your way down until you hit the various picnic stops or attractions along the way.

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