How do you get around on Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/27/2021

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Fraser Island is one of Australia’s true natural paradises: a sprawling, tropical outpost lying calmly within the turquoise northern sea.

Visit Fraser Island

Whether you’re exploring the incredible 75 Mile Beach, taking a dip in one of the island’s natural pools or lakes or hiking through the dense, vibrant rainforest, there is something for everyone to enjoy above the gorgeous splendour alone!

Fraser Island is an eco habitat, which means it has been protected from being built up for the likes of convenient public transport. Therefore, there are no buses or trains on the island, and the best way to get around (if you’re not undertaking an epic hike) is by 4WD.

You can either hire your own 4WD or jump on a tour that will take you to all of the island’s most mesmerising places, including 75 Mile Beach, Lake McKenzie, the Champagne Pools and more!

So, what are these amazing attractions? And why do they make Fraser Island such a spectacular getaway for adventurers and island lovers alike?

75 Mile Beach

The wind-swept short and wide expanse of 75 Mile Beach makes it one of Australia’s most incredible. The beach is perfect for a 4WD tour, whether guided or solo you will experience this pristine shoreline for all of its tropical beauty.

After the thrill of rolling along the sand in the 4WD, you can jump out, meander around and take in the view of the Maheno Shipwreck, which has been beached at Fraser Island for nearly 90 years!

Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island’s rough sea waters aren’t the best place for swimming, but luckily the island has plenty of inland options, perhaps none more gorgeous than the sublime Lake McKenzie. This giant lake is perhaps the most visited natural site on the island, given its sheer, turquoise beauty as well as being the perfect place for a toasty day’s dip!

The Champagne Pools

Another awesome swimming spot on the island is that of the Champagne Pools: a joyous series of rock pools whose water bubbles and foams around you as it whooshes against the rocks. Not only are the pools a delight to swim in, but they are also simply stunning, perfectly encapsulating the tranquility of the island and its natural magnificence.

Along the way and around the island be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of Australia’s unique wildlife species, including the dingo, echidnas, lace monitors and turtles!

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