Travelling to Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/26/2017

Reading time: 3 mins

Find out how you can discover this island wonderland from your starting point at Rainbow Beach!

Forming the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is located around 300 kilometers north of Brisbane. It promises visitors miles of natural beauty and plenty of wildlife to soak up. Predominantly made up of a National Park, it was listed as a World Heritage site back in 1992 and remains an important conservation area. The wild and isolated nature of the island means it is only accessible via a 4-wheel drive, by plane, or by foot, and you need to pick up a vehicle and camping permit before you visit. No matter what tour you are after, Fraser Island has a little something for everyone. But how can you actually get there?

Getting to Fraser Island

There are several starting points you can begin at when making your way to Fraser Island, with Rainbow Beach just being one of them. Heading to the mainland’s coastal region of Fraser Coast is first on your agenda, with the majority opting for a scenic drive from either Brisbane or a long trip at further cities. If you are in a bit of a rush, there are direct flights to Fraser Coast from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, but this way of travel may cost you an arm and a leg. After this, taking a ferry from the mainland to Fraser Island is a must-do, but choosing your starting point can be the difference in choice. The main two are Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach, most typically taking visitors on an hour-long scenic cruise along the ocean waters.

Why Go to Fraser Island From Rainbow Beach

There are several barge operators that depart from Rainbow Beach to the Island every single day, giving you plenty of opportunities to make the crossing at a time that suits you. For the most part, it is quicker, easier, and cheaper to get to Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach, and the small town itself is well worth a little explore while you wait for your crossing.

Rainbow Beach is a picturesque seaside town perfect for chilling out in. A visit to Fraser Island is a relaxing experience, so start your exploration as you mean to go on with a lazy time in a small town. Throughout town, there are some charming restaurants, cafes, and bars you can kick back and relax in while getting to know what sleepy small-town life is like in Australia.

When you travel to Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach, you’re exposed to a lot of incredible landscapes along the way. You’ll get to see Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach’s Coloured Sand and Great Sandy National Park, which means you’ll get to soak up some of the region’s best-loved attractions en route.

If you plan on sticking around in Rainbow Beach for a little while, that’s fine, too. The beach is made up of pretty coloured sand – hence its name – and has a little surf. However, the waters are flat most of the time, meaning you can head out for a relaxing swim to cool off in the warm Australian weather before you make the journey across to Fraser Island.

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