How to get from Brisbane to Tin Can Bay?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/15/2024

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Located along the southeastern region of Queensland, Tin Can Bay is a picturesque holiday destination.

A couple of hours out from Brisbane is Tin Can Bay, a coastal town known for fishing and its range of wildlife. The town is a popular getaway location for travellers who enjoy simple pleasures like quietness and relaxation. There are two main ways to get there:

By car

Driving is the easiest and fastest way to get to Tin Can Bay. From Brisbane, it is under a three hour car ride without any stops. If you want a stop, we recommend Sunshine Coast, which is about the halfway point.

There are plenty of car hire companies in Brisbane if you need a rental.

By public transport

Public transport is another option to reach Tin Can Bay from Brisbane. Keep in mind the journey is about seven hours long.

From Brisbane Coach Terminal, catch the Airlie Beach coach and get off at Rainbow Beach. The coach journey is about five hours long.

Once you arrive at Rainbow Beach, the bus stop at Rainbow Beach Road at Cypress Avenue is just a short walk away. There could be enough time while waiting for the next bus to grab a bite to eat.

You will want to get the 760 bus towards Tin Can Bay, which is about a 50 minute journey.

Things to do in Tin Can Bay

When you arrive in Tin Can Bay, don’t forget to do some of these activities plus eat some delicious food.

Dolphin feeding

One of the most popular activities in Tin Can Bay is feeding the dolphins! This is one of the only two places in Queensland where you can hand feed the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.

Between 7 and 7:30 AM, the dolphins arrive ready to be fed from 8 AM every day.

Spend a few hours at Norman Point

Norman Point is a great place to spend time with the family when the weather is perfect. There is a playground, covered picnic tables, and public BBQs around the area to use.

Locals love the area to catch some yabbies or to take the boat out and go fishing for the day. After all, the town is known for fishing!

Have a golfing day

The Tin Can Bay Country Club includes an 18 hole golf course, practice facilities, two bowling greens, and a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant. The club is perfect to visit for a relaxing day out with family and friends for a golf day.

Social games are allowed every day; just book in early and pick a tee off time!

Go to K’gari (Fraser Island)

Not far from Tin Can Bay is K’gari, the largest sand island in the world and is also the perfect getaway. The island has great opportunities for snorkelling, kayaking, bushwalking and so much more. Ensure you check out Maheno Shipwreck, walk along 75 Mile Beach, and swim in Lake McKenzie.

Spending at least three days in Tin Can Bay will allow you to enjoy the very best of the quiet coastal town! The weather is good all year round, with the warmest months between November to March.


Cameron Ward
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