Feed the Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

It’s such an incredible experience to get up close and hand feed some local dolphins.

Tin Can Bay it’s a beautiful coastal town in Queensland, about an hour and a half from Sunshine Coast. One of the common activities you can do in Tin Can Bay is dolphin feeding, which in fact you can still do! Feeding the dolphins is an exciting experience for everyone. There is a couple of things to know about these spectacular dolphins and the feeding process.

What’s special about the Tin Can Bay dolphins?

The dolphins you see at Tin Can Bay are humpback dolphins which are a rare breed. These dolphins are generally shy but are very friendly if you approach them nicely. The dolphins that come join for the hand feeding are used to people now, as long as you don’t make any sudden movements. Some of these dolphins even have names as they frequently visit the feeding bay area.

These dolphins love having some fun and making noises and splashing around, especially in the shallow areas.

How can I feed the dolphins?

You can arrive anytime from 7 AM where you might be able to see a pod of dolphins in the water. To feed the dolphins, you will need to arrive at the shore at about 8 AM when the feeding starts. There is only one feeding session per day, so getting in early is your only way to feed these wonderful creatures!

When the dolphins start coming towards the shore, slowly make your way into the water with some treats for the dolphins. Typically, you’ll be feeding them a small fish and they’ll take it out of your hands. There are volunteers around talking to you about the dolphins and giving you any tips if necessary.

Keep in mind these dolphins are wild animals so it’s not guaranteed they will arrive on time or at all.

What else can I do after I feed the dolphins?

After you’ve fed the dolphins their breakfast, it’s time for you to have yours at one of the nearby cafes or restaurants. Most cafes open around the time the dolphin feeding experience is happening.

Other things to do is to take a walk through one of the tracks, or if you have a bike you can cycle! When walking or cycling, you discover some beautiful landscapes, especially as you’re right on the coast.

So yes, you can definitely still feed the wonderful dolphins at Tin Can Bay! Just remember to arrive by 8 AM for their very exciting arrival.

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