How much does it cost to go to Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/04/2020

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Find out how much you’ll need to save up for your trip to this glorious island!

Fraser Island is a place of exceptional beauty, featuring white sandy beaches and splendid thick bushland. But due to its long uninterrupted region of glorious landscapes and barely any urban development, Fraser Island can be a lot more expensive to travel within. With its hard to get to locations, minimal food stores, and limited accommodation options.

  • Ferry Fee

    The ferry is the only way to travel to and from Fraser Island, with fee’s applying every day. The fee will keep increasing if you choose to travel with a car, a larger vehicle, or even a trailer. The base rate for one car and passengers is typically 130 dollars, but this may change depending on the day and season.

  • Hiring A 4WD

    Hiring a 4WD for your holiday can give you the freedom to go wherever you like while in the clean and well maintained 4wd vehicles on offer. The prices vary depending on the size of your group, and duration you will need it for. With the average price for group of 4 friends up to 150 dollars each for 2 days. If camping, trailer hire is also available, making it easier for you, with even some throwing in a range of camping equipment for no extra cost.

  • Accommodation

    If you are travelling independently, you’ll also need to pay for accommodation on the island. Hotels typically cost anywhere between 125-200 dollars per night on Fraser Island. However, if you are on a budget, there are hostel which can cost a lot less.

  • Camping

    If you’re one to get lost within the wilderness, camping can be a cheaper and exciting accommodation option. Campsites can cost as little as 7 dollars per night, with over 45 campsites around the island. However, not all of them have toilets or showers, so be prepared before you set up camp!

  • Food

    Buying all your food on the Island can be quite an expensive choice, with many tourists opting to bring a lot of their own food for their journey. This is due to the limited amount of food stores, with only one small store at the island’s resort, which can be very expensive and should only really be used in an emergency.

  • Booking a Tour

    If you aren’t one for planning your days, or get frustrated with maps and schedules, why not simply book a tour and sit back and relax as the guide does all the hard stuff?

    If you are staying in the tropical paradise of Noosa, our 1 Day Fraser Island Tour is 179 dollars each and perfect. Offering a day within the 4WD to cruise along the sandy beach, exploring the lush rainforests, as well as making our way to the iconic Lake McKenzie for a refreshing pre-lunch swim.

    If you have a bit more time on your hands, our 2 Day Fraser Island Tour for 360 dollars. Letting you spend more time out on the incredible region of Fraser Island. As well as enjoying the night at the Fraser Island Retreat in Happy Valley!

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Cameron Ward
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