What kind of accommodation is there on Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

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Fraser Island is one of Australia’s true natural paradises, with a stunning coastline, lush rainforest and abundant wildlife making up this dreamy outpost. Whether you’re traversing the windswept 75 Mile Beach, hanging out at the divine Lake McKenzie, trekking through the jungle or spotting a few dingos, Fraser Island is one of the ultimate places to spend an invigorating Aussie holiday!

Fraser Island has accommodation options to suit all budgets, with everything from camping to glamping, homestays and resorts all available for resting your head!

With treetop cases like the Waiuta Retreat House, budget-friendly cabins like those at the Fraser Island Retreat, eco-friendly glamping at the Beachcamp Eco Retreat and family fun at the Kingfisher Bay Resort, you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to Fraser Island accommodation options.

Being a holiday island, the accommodation is naturally going to be pretty fab, but it simply serves as a jumping point for some of these unforgettable Fraser Island adventures:

75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is big – 75 miles big. But it’s not only big – it’s incredibly beautiful, with a shoreline 4WD tour providing the very best way to experience this expansive coastal stretch!

The tour will traverse the rugged coastline, taking you to some of the best spots to hop out and look around, such as the famous Maheno Shipwreck, still rusting away on the beachfront after a cheeky 90-odd years!

Lake McKenzie

Despite being a wondrously sublime coastline, it is not advised to go swimming around Fraser Island’s beaches, as the waters are infamously tempestuous. But that’s fine, actually, as you have the absolutely gorgeous Lake McKenzie to refresh your senses instead!

Lake McKenzie is truly spectacular, with its own little beachfront, turquoise waters and plenty of lush scenery to enjoy as you laze around its tranquil shores.

You can certainly swim here, and on this occasion it is advised…

Wildlife spotting

Fraser Island is world famous for being a wildlife refuge, with plenty of unique Aussie animals inhabiting its lush forests and beyond. One of the most famous resident populations to grace Fraser Island is the dingo, which elusively makes its way around the island as the day goes on.

Keep your eyes peeled for them and all types of bats, birds, reptiles and more – it’s an animal lover’s paradise!


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