Can You Still Visit Fraser Island in Wintertime?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/14/2020

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You don’t have to travel during the summer to enjoy Fraser Island!

Simply said, it’s always a good time to visit Fraser Island. Located in the tropical region of Queensland, Fraser Island sits around 300 kilometres north of Brisbane. Due to its prime location in the tropical wonderland of Australia, you can expect warm weather on the island almost all year round. Check out our list of the best things you can do during the wintertime!

About Fraser Island’s Wintertime

Fraser Island in winter is still warm, with average temperatures around 18°C, with a peak of 22°C. There is little rainfall and the humidity is low, however it can get cooler at night so remember to pack a jumper.

What you can do during the Winter

  • Whale Watching

    One of the best reasons to visit Fraser Island during wintertime is because of its Whale Season! Every year from July to November, the Humpback Whales make their way through the shores of Fraser Island, heading to the warmer waters of the coast to breed and birth their young. Head out via boat or stand at the island’s lookout points to see these incredible creatures in person.

  • Drive down 75-mile beach

    Instead of sunbaking the day away on a beach, why not do something completely unique and drive down it? 75 Mile Beach is Fraser’s National Highway, a long stretch of sand that allows 4WDs to zoom along with it. Simply cruise down and marvel at the beach landscape as you spray water by weaving in and out of the tide.

  • Visit Maheno Shipwreck at Sunset

    Visit one of the most photographed and visited sites in Fraser Island, the historic Maheno Shipwreck. Once a cargo ship named the Maheno, which was a former Trans-Tasman luxury liner and a World War 1 hospital ship. Whilst heading towards Japan in 1935, the ship a vicious cyclone and crashed ashore Fraser Island. Since then it has remained on the soft sands of the island and slowly rusted to create a stunning rusty orange colour which contrasts beautifully with the natural scenery. One of the best times to see this ship is at sunset, as the natural soft glow enhances the rusty orange even more!

  • Drive from east to west through sub-tropical rainforest

    Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest of Fraser Island. Simply drive from Eurong Beach to Kingfisher Bay along the sandy tracks and marvel at the glorious natural scenery of the island’s sub-tropical rainforest. One of the greatest features of Fraser Island is that is the only sand island that has produced an entire rainforest, so seeing this expansive environment is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Stop along the way and see the ancient plant life, unique animals, and natural swimming spots are hidden about!

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