Why Lake McKenzie is so Special

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/26/2017

Reading time: 3 mins

Located in the heart of Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie unfolds in a swathe of crystal clear water against a backdrop of pristine white sand.

Making up part of the Great Sandy National Park, it is one of the most popular attractions on the island, drawing visitors in with its breathtaking beauty and its fascinating ecology.

Why Is Lake McKenzie So Special?

Lake McKenzie causes such a stir because it’s a perched lake. This means it simply contains rainwater and no other water – it is not fed by weaving streams that crisscross the island, and it doesn’t merge with the ocean at any point.

The standing nature of the water means it is incredibly clear, while the land that surrounds it is a sight to behold. Made of pure white silica, the sands create an impervious layer that makes it impossible for the water to flow away and for many of the island’s native species to set up camp.

Not only is the sand stunning to look at, it is also magically soft, but the pureness of the water means there is very little life in the lake. However, the rich blues and greens that characterise it are well worth the visit, particularly if you witness them glistening away in the low light of dawn.

Things to Do at Lake McKenzie

  • Take a Walk

    The sands around the lake lend themselves perfectly for a leisurely stroll. While you walk, you can marvel at the pristine waters from numerous angles and discover the incredible beauty of this natural wonder.

  • Go Camping

    Experience Lake McKenzie at various times throughout the day by setting up camp and staying overnight. There are developed camping spots at Lake McKenzie, where you can witness the warm Australian sun rising over the eggshell-smooth water and experience the lake as it rests peacefully beneath the glow of the night sky.

    There are basic facilities located at the designated camping site, including public toilets, showers, a carpark, and barbecue facilities.

  • Enjoy a Picnic

    If you don’t plan on spending the night at Lake McKenzie, at least plan to spend a few hours soaking up its mesmerising charm. While there, you can indulge in a picnic set against a backdrop of pure white sands and surreal blue water. There are plenty of picnic tables for you to set up on, as well as facilities to use.

Lake McKenzie is one of the key highlights on Fraser Island. So, if you find yourself in the vicinity, be sure to check out its pure waters and vibrant sands.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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