Camping on Fraser Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/27/2017

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Instead of heading back to the city after sunset, why not spend the night in Fraser Island’s wilderness!

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, sprawling out for 120 kilometres just off the coast of Queensland. From the island, there are plenty of lookout points that let you soak up the stunning scenery, as well as plenty of things to do, including hiking trails, spectacular beaches, freshwater swimming sites, and mesmerising perched lakes.

There is a lot to explore on the island, so more often than not, visitors choose to spend more than one day there.

Camping on Fraser Island is one of the most popular activities, as you can sleep beneath the stars and wake up amongst the incredible scenery that characterises the island.

In total, there are 45 camping sites on the island, all of which offer unique settings around the island to rest your head for the night. Bear in mind that the campsites can get busy, particularly during peak season so, to avoid disappointment, book well in advance.

The Camping Sites on Fraser Island

There are several different kinds of campsite on Fraser Island, each of which promise different things for different visitors.

The camping areas with dingo deterrent fences are recommended for families with young children. As dingo attacks, although are rare, still occur, with the creatures only attacking children due to their size. These areas can be found at Central Station, Dundubara, Lake Boomanjin, and Waddy Point.

If you are after a more remote destination to camp out in, Eastern Beach, Western Beach, and South Western Beach all offer a secluded escape from the crowds and terrific views of the coastal shore. Those looking for a place to explore the island easily in, Fraser Island Great Walk campsite is located on top of a higher section of the island, and is especially good for hikers interested in treking their way around throughout the day and night.

What the Campsites Offer

All the camping sites on the island have taps for water and rest toilets. The more formal campsites have fenced areas in order to keep the island’s wildlife out, gas BBQ areas, and the use of kitchen sinks for washing up. The majority of them have showering facilities, but most are coin-operated.

The Fraser Island Beach campsites let you camp behind sand dunes and access for 4×4 vehicles. There is also some boat and water access, but there are no toilets or taps.

As a general rule, no noise is allowed after 9pm and no generators are allowed to be run at any point. Permits in certain areas are required before settin up shop, so check on our ‘Do you need a permit for Fraser Island’ blog. Camping is a fantastic way to experience Fraser Island and, with a campsite for every kind of traveller, it’s easy to make the right choice to enhance your travels around the island. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, or alone, there is a camp site on the island for you.

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