Where is Lake McKenzie?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/18/2018

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Known as Australia’s very own natural day spa. Lake McKenzie is a magical lake, listed as one of the most beautiful and well-known freshwater lakes in Australia.

Known to heal the aches and pains of any traveller dipping into the refreshing waters. But where exactly is it located?

It is found on the famous island of Fraser Island. A wonderland bursting with unspoiled swimming spots, sand dunes, and unique wildlife. Its original name was ‘K’gari,’ an indigenous word meaning paradise. The name changes to ‘Fraser Island’ came in 1836, after the arrival of Captain James Fraser and his crew. The Captain and crew survived a shipwreck nearby, swimming ashore to the Island to come face to face with the local aboriginals. Captain Fraser died not long after, with his wife Eliza Fraser claiming Aboriginal people murdered him, while another crew member stated that the captain’s death was from natural causes. Therefore, the name change to Fraser Island has been used ever since. Lake McKenzie is found in South of the Island, nestled along the centre spin.

How the Magic works

The lake is a body of rainwater that has collected within a crater atop the sand dunes of Fraser Island. The slow gathering of organic matter has plugged up the bottom of the lake, so no water is released from the lake. The lake is surrounded by golden sands and tea trees, which are the reason for McKenzie’s healing powers. Tea tree oil is said to be a magical cure for a range of ailments, thought to boost the immune system and encourage blood circulation. This helps with a number of things, including aches, pains, and blemishes. The tea tree leaves drop off the branches and land in the lake, the oil seeping in and leaving the oily water residue. Simply sink into the waters and have your troubles melt away as you rise from the water.

What to do there

Whether you choose to visit the lake for its refreshing waters, the unique wildlife, sightseeing or simply to lie in the soft sands, you will certainly not be disappointed. When you visit this natural day spa, indulge in a retreat that offers a range of treatment which doesn’t cost you a cent. Exfoliate your skins from the fine, white sand covering the area, leaving baby smooth skin from this natural mudpack. Have your aches melt away into the clear blue waters. And meditate under the warm sun as you marvel at the natural beauty of this area.

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