What is at Rainbow Beach?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/20/2021

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Rainbow Beach is a tiny town located on the spectacular Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island

Although it is small, Rainbow Beach sure packs a punch, with everything from its natural beauty, an array of fascinating wildlife to its gorgeous small-town vibes.

Rainbow Beach certainly lives up to its name

It gets its name from the colourful, mineral infused sand that makes up a large majority of its land. Rainbow Beach is an adventure lover’s paradise, with so many thrill-seeking activities on offer for you to take part in. Test your balance at sandboarding down one of the many dunes, kayak the crystal clear waters of the ocean while being sure to keep an eye out for some fascinating marine life, or even ride a beautiful horse along the rainbow sands of the beach at sunset. There is so much to do in this small town, you will not leave disappointed.

The Carlo Sand Blow and the Coloured Sands attractions

The most popular attractions in Rainbow Beach, are of course nature’s most unbelievable creations. The Carlo Sand Blow is a unique sand mass that covers over 15 hectares and overlooks the towering, coloured sands, and the tip of Fraser Island. Head here in the late afternoon to check out the spectacular sunset over Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Strait. The Coloured Sands is another popular attraction you cannot miss out on seeing.

It is located 2 kilometres from the centre of Rainbow Beach and is home to a beautiful section of sand that can display more than 72 colours. The colours of the sand change due to the weather and are a beautiful sight to see while visiting Rainbow Beach.

Get up close and personal to some adorable dolphins

Just a 20-minute drive from Rainbow Beach is Tin Can Bay, home to some gorgeous Australian Humpback Dolphins. A resident pod of 9 dolphins visit the waters of Tin Can Bay every day for their daily feed of some delicious fresh fish. At 8am each day there is the opportunity to feed these majestic animals for a fee of only $10. This is a memorable experience for everybody and another definite must do when you are in Rainbow Beach!

The gateway to Fraser Island

Rainbow Beach is the gateway to the worlds largest sand island, Fraser Island. This pristine untouched ecosystem is one of Australia’s most prized destinations and tours of the island depart daily from Rainbow Beach. Fraser Island is home to breathtaking panoramic views, vibrant landscapes and an abundance of Australian native animals.

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