Is Tin Can Bay worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/20/2022

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Tin Can Bay is a beautiful coastal town in Queensland. It’s one worth visiting, especially if you’re into seafood.

Tin Can Bay got the name from the Butchulla word ‘tuncan’. It refers to marine mammals called dugongs, which are found in the waters around the coast. The bay is about an hour and half drive from Sunshine Coast. Tin Can Bay is known for excellent seafood restaurants as plenty of fresh seafood is caught locally along the coast.

Perfect for those who love fishing and boating

Tin Can Bay is a paradise town for those who love fishing and boating. The Great Sandy Strait and Pacific Ocean are perfect for fishing. Whether it’s on land, boat or even kayak, there are stacks of opportunities to throw in a line. You can even catch yabbies , small freshwater shellfish, in the sand banks. You can either eat them or use them for bait.

Dolphin feeding

Get up and close to feed some dolphins in Tin Can Bay. The Australian humpback dolphins love the shallow waters. You don’t even need to go that far in the water to be able to feed them. You can feed the dolphins at Barnacles Dolphin Centre. The feeding sessions only happen from 8 AM. Visitors then join the volunteers in the water to start feeding the dolphins. Be aware as the dolphins are still wild animals, there’s no guarantee on their arrival time to feed. They can also be very shy so only small groups are allowed in the water at a time, so they don’t get too frightened!

Great Sandy National Park

Great Sandy National Park has a rainforest, coloured sands, high dunes and mangroves. The forest at the national park is a eucalyptus forest and you can spot wallabies, emus and many more wildlife. There is a fantastic walk named Carlo Sandblow Walk. It takes you through the forest of the national park before finishing up on Carlo Sandblow. From here you get some amazing views and it’s a perfect location to settle down to watch the sunset.

Carlo Sandblow

If you take the Carlo Sandblow Walk, which leads you through the forest, you’ll end up at Carlo Sandblow. From here you can see Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach, the Coloured Sands and a lot more. A lot of the locals take the walk in the afternoon to watch the sunset over the ocean and Tin Can Bay.

Learn how to take incredible photos

Go on a photography tour across Tin Can Bay with professional photographers. With this tour you will learn how to get the best angle and views on your camera. You’ll get to show off your photos you’ve taken and take home some tips on how to get great photos for your next holiday!

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