Can you swim at Eli Creek?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/14/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

There are many beautiful bodies of water scattered around Australia that are so tantalisingly inviting, it becomes cruel when you discover it is unsafe to swim in or is the home of crocodiles, sharks or jellyfish, and therefore you’d be quite wise not to take a dip.

Fortunately, the stunning and pristine Eli Creek does not fall under that category! You can dive on in.

This long turquoise creek is found on the east coast of Queensland’s Fraser Island and is one of the most popular swimming spots on the island. The water is crystal clear – thanks to being filtered by the sand – and fast flowing.

This fast-flowing water – we’re talking fast enough that 4 million litres is flowing into the ocean every hour – is a feature in itself, and locals and travellers love to be carried along by the current, either swimming or enjoying a leisurely float down the creek.

Surrounded by trees and shade, the creek is a dreamy and tranquil location that is a delightful escape from reality, even if just for a few hours.

It is serviced by a boardwalk that will lead you on a delightful and informative walk, and if you pay attention, you may spot a turtle or some colourful frogs.

Eli Creek isn’t the only gorgeous place to cool off in on Fraser Island. You can visit spots like Champagne Pools (ocean water submerged in volcanic rock), Orange Creek, Lake Birrabeen and Lake Wabby for a safe swim.

Where NOT to swim at Fraser Island

Since we’re on the topic, now seems like a good time to throw in a quick reminder that swimming is risky in a few spots on Fraser Island, namely the ocean surrounding the island itself.

The beaches – whilst very beautiful to look at and walk along – are not patrolled as they are not safe to swim in! Regular strong currents and rips, and being home to a number of sharks – including Great Whites and Tiger sharks – and jellyfish are the reason for this. There are signs all over the beaches warning you not to swim.

A float down Eli Creek is sounding especially good now, right?

While you’re at Fraser Island…

Here is a handy guide of some other beauties to check out while you’re here and make the most of your trip.

Lake McKenzie is a lake boasting pure white silica sand and is one of the most popular swimming spots in the world, let alone Australia. The water is fresh, clear and calm, and on top of that it’s a beautiful colour in the shallows and as you get deeper. This lake is free of dangerous creatures, which is always a nice bonus in Australian waters.

FWD along the beach highway at 75 Mile Beach

Sand Dunes are a top attraction on the sandy island. When you’re at the top you get spectacular views, and when you board your way down the dunes you get spectacular fun

Spot wildlife like kangaroos and dingoes on land, and bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales off the coast

Hike the Wanggoolba Creek trail

Camp on the beach or in the forest and watch the stars.

One of the most picturesque spots in Australia, you are never short of adventure and photo ops when you visit Fraser Island!


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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