When should I go to the Champagne Pools?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/23/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Fraser Island – alongside the likes of Kangaroo and Phillip islands – is one of Australia’s great outpost getaways, a sprawling tropical mass of gorgeous coastline, tropical vegetation and abundant wildlife!

Whether you’re traversing the incredible 75 Mile Beach by 4WD, kicking back at the serene Lake McKenzie or going for a bit of dingo-spotting, Fraser Island is a place that never fails to captivate the imagination.

One of the island’s most enjoyable activities is soaking it up in the Champagne Pools. The waters off Fraser Island are known for their danger, and for this reason ocean swimming isn’t recommended, but inland more than makes up for it with these frothy pools (as well as the sublime Lake McKenzie!).

Named that way for the manner in which the water foams up as it washes against the rocks, you should aim to visit the Champagne Pools when the tide is low, providing you ample opportunity to enjoy their foamy goodness without copping too much sea water!

You will have the best time when you do, as these gorgeous little pools are some of Australia’s best natural swimming spots, and they are perfect for refreshing yourself after these awesome FI adventures:

75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is big – 75 miles big – and on this great expanse you can be sure to experience a little rugged adventure, with awesome 4WD tours taking you along the shore and to some of the island’s most fantastic attractions.

Whilst the drive itself is an awesome adventure, you will also have the opportunity to hop out and check out the likes of the Maheno Shipwreck, one of the most famous to dot Australia’s coastlines…

Lake McKenzie

Back to Lake McKenzie, and why not? It’s seriously one of the most idyllic places in Australia, with a truly tranquil tropical landscape and some calming, revitalising salt waters awaiting your indulgence.

Kick back, soak up the sun and take a well-earned dip in the waters (which are said to contain healing properties) – there is nothing much else to do at the lake and that is perfectly fine by us!

Watch out for wild animals

Fraser Island is renowned for its healthy dingo population, meaning you should always keep your eyes peeled for one of these much-maligned yet-misunderstood creatures.

Spotting a dingo is one of the most memorable things to happen on Fraser Island, alongside all the other awesome experiences that await you there…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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