Can you go to K’gari (Fraser Island) without a 4WD?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/03/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

K’gari is 122 kilometres long, making it the largest sand island in the world.

K’gari is just off the east coast of Australia in Queensland, nearby Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay, and Hervey Bay.

If you want to see K’gari, having a 4WD is essential for the island as the roads are all sand. But there are ways to still see K’gari even if you don’t own a 4WD. Read on and we’ll let you know how you can!

I don’t own a 4WD, what can I do?

Don’t own a 4WD? No worries, you can still see K’gari without one! You can hire a 4WD or you can book a guided tour.

Hiring a 4WD

Renting a 4WD for the duration of your K’gari trip is a great option. Hiring a car means you can explore K’gari at your own pace and pick the places you want to visit.

Booking a tour

Booking a guided tour allows you to get driven to each destination while you sit back and relax. You can pick a one-day tour or a two-day tour. The longer you stay, the more of the island you’ll get to see.

You can book a one-day tour leaving from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. The two-day tour also departs from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach.

What should I see on K’gari?

K’gari has some of the most iconic attractions of any island in Australia. You can easily spend up to three days on the island. But if you have less time, you can still see a lot of the island in one to two days.

Lake Mackenzie

Lake Mackenzie is unique in that it’s known as a perched lake. A perched lake is one in which the water is only rainwater. The water is super clear and the sand in and around the lake is white and incredibly soft, making it one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see.

There aren’t any animals in the water so you can safely swim in the lake.

Lake Mackenzie

Champagne Pool

Champagne Pool is a unique feature of K’gari. The pool is like a natural jacuzzi which happens when the ocean water crashes into the pool creating a foam and jacuzzi-like feeling.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the island and has very clear water, similar to Lake Mackenzie!

You can spend a few hours swimming in the creek and enjoying a picnic lunch nearby.

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno shipwreck has been well known ever since the SS Maheno ship first got washed up in the 1930s. The Maheno shipwreck is now very rusted, located on 75 Mile Beach.

There’s plenty to do and see on K’gari, so be prepared for a great trip on the island. Whether you hire a car or book a tour, you’ll discover how beautiful and unique K’gari is. Of course, make sure you check out the famous 75 Mile Beach which is about 120 kilometres long!

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