Can you go to Fraser Island without a tour?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/16/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Fraser Island is the best way to welcome yourself to a touch of Australian paradise.

Fraser Island, also known as K’gari is one of the most beautiful islands and is the largest sand island in the world!

You can go to Fraser Island without a tour, but it’s recommended to have a good four wheel drive with you. This is due to some of the roads being sandy and can have large ruts. This is a reason why so many people book a tour so they can get around the beautiful island without any worries.

Whether you book a tour or drive yourself around the charming island, here is what you should be seeing when on Fraser Island.

75 Mile Beach

Seventy Five Mile Beach runs along the east coast of Fraser Island. It is also 75 miles, which is about 120 kilometres. If you have a four wheel drive, you’ll be able to drive down this beach, or you can do some fishing.

If you keep driving, you might come to a giant rusted ship called Maheno Shipwreck! Jump out of the car and check out this piece of history. The ship got washed up on the beach in 1935 after the chain snapped on the way to Japan to be used for scraps.

Discover the ancient rainforest

The rainforests on Fraser Island are home to a huge variety of plants that have been here for thousands of years. As you walk through the rainforest, you’ll spot many types of wildlife from mammals, reptiles, and colourful birds.

The most amazing part of the rainforest is two prominent trees on the island which are the satinay and the brush box. These trees are the cause of the canopies high in the rainforest. There’s also a range of other smaller trees and plants you can spot throughout the rainforest.

Spot wildlife

K’gari has a diversity of wildlife across the island from dingos, possums, and many kinds of snakes. There are also over 350 types of birds like the white bellied sea eagles and owls.

There are also many marine lives that you can see like dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales. You can see the whales from July to November when they migrate.

Swim in Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is a fascinating lake on the island as the water comes purely from the rain. The water is blue and it’s that clear you can see the bottom of the lake. You’ll spend hours just swimming in the water and relaxing on the white sand.

Fraser Island is one of Australia’s most beautiful destinations. You can easily spend about two days discovering the beaches, swimming holes, and rainforests. Whether you book a tour or drive yourself to the island, you’ll fall in love with the unforgettable sights.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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