Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island

Fraser Island, QLD 4581

Chill, play & swim at Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island

Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island

Fraser Island is world famous for being one of Australia’s natural wonderlands, with stunning beaches, lush forests and extraordinary biodiversity all part of the island’s special makeup. Another thing Fraser Island has a stellar reputation for is its crystal clear lakes, with the likes of Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen being some of the best places to chill out and swim on the island.

Lake Birrabeen is the less crowded of the two, meaning lucky visitors have ample space to chill out, catch some rays, take a refreshing dip and even take part in awesome water activities like standup paddle boarding!

Lake Birrabeen, while not as famous as McKenzie, actually has far more beachfront, and is the perfect way to chill out on Fraser Island after taking part in some of these awesome activities…

  • The 75 Mile Beach Drive

    This should just about be first on any Fraser Island visitor’s itinerary – an amazing way to see the island before getting in and amongst some of its other adventures. Take a 4WD tour along with the stunning island foreshore, where you will also be given the opportunity to view the fascinating Maheno shipwreck, the frothy Champagne Pools and the vibrant Pinnacles rock formations.

  • Go wildlife spotting

    We mentioned that Fraser Island is a haven for some of Australia’s most unique wildlife, and this includes an abundance of dingoes, flying foxes, brushtail possums, snakes and all kinds of other reptiles. Things are just as exciting in the island’s waters, with amazing whale-watching expeditions and whale swims a couple of the adventures on your Fraser Island wildlife safari!

  • Traverse the vibrant rainforests

    Fraser Island is big – really big. So, with all that mass, you can be sure that there are going to be some pretty gorgeous rainforests covering large swathes of the island. The best forest for hiking on Fraser Island is near Central Station, where you have the choice of taking the easy .7km stroll along the Wanggoolba Creek Trail or head out to the pristine Basin Lake on a two-hour hike. Either way, you’re sure to see some of Australia’s most impressive tropical wilderness on a Fraser Island hike.

  • Enjoy that good island living

    Fraser Island is one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations and for good reason. Swim in the lake, spot some dingoes and cruise up the beachfront on an awesome 4WD safari – the choice is yours!

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