Happy Valley, Fraser Island

Set off the coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, sprawling out for around 120 kilometres.

All around its pretty coastline, there are stunning sea views and plenty of activities to get stuck into. Top viewpoints can be found at Indian Head, while natural wonders include the Cathedrals, and the sights at Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby are well worth a visit.

Happy Valley sits pretty much in the centre of Fraser Island on the east side of the coast. It is surrounded by lush sands and incredible sea views, and its nearby township provides a quaint selection of restaurants, hotels, and retreats, of which the Fraser Island Retreat is the most well-known.

To navigate Fraser Island, you need a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel across the uneven sands. It’s best to travel on the beach close to the sea, as this proves to be the safest place.

You can reach Fraser Island itself by a barge from Inskip Point or River Heads. This is the easiest way to cross the small channel to the island, and is the quickest way to get directly to Happy Valley along the 75-mile beach it sits on.

When you disembark the barge at Hook Point, you need to drive east along the beach to the eastern side of the island, where you can then enjoy the drive straight to Happy Valley.

Things to Do Around Happy Valley

Its central location means there is plenty to do around Happy Valley. Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby can be found to the south of the region. Both freshwater lakes boast crystal clear waters perfect for a refreshing swim in the stunning scenery.

Elsewhere to the south, you can find the Central Station, which is a picturesque rainforest landscape with a short boardwalk that weaves its way around Wanggoolba Creek.

If you head north from Happy Valley, you can reach Eli Creek, which is the largest freshwater creek on this side of the island, or check out Maheno Shipwreck, and old beached vessel that is half-buried in the sand by Eli Creek.

The Cathedrals, which are towering cliffs of vibrant sands, are some of the island’s most breath-taking natural wonders, while Lake Allom boasts a pretty forest backdrop home to tortoises.

For some more swimming opportunities, head to the Champagne Pools at Middle Rocks, where you can bask in the clear seawater and take a refreshing dip when the weather gets warm.

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