How much does it cost to go on the ferry to Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/21/2022

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Fraser Island is one of Australia’s true dream landscapes. This stunning tropical outpost is replete with lush rainforest, gorgeous coastline, abundant wildlife and endless serenity, with plenty of fun and adventure in between!

Whether you’re cruising down 75 Mile Beach, soaking up Lake McKenzie’s cool waters, bubbling up in the Champagne Pools or even going for a bit of dingo spotting, Fraser Island has plenty to keep you going for at least a few days.

There are multiple ferry options to take you across to this magical island, with ferry prices varying amongst providers. However, most sit around the $60 mark (return) for walk-on passengers and $200 (return) for 4WDs.

Getting there is part of the fun, but what awaits you on incredible Fraser Island is nothing short of marvellous:

75 Mile Beach

If you are hauling your 4WD up onto the ferry then you know you’re in for a good time once you reach the island: you can take that 4WD directly from the ferry onto the beach highway, taking in the wondrous expanse and gorgeous ocean as you fly along.

Be sure to stop at the Maheno Shipwreck, as this amazing site continues to grow older and more mesmerising as it does so. It’s just one of the awesome mini adventures to experience when you’re fanging down 75 Mile Beach!

Lake McKenzie

It’s important to know that Fraser Island isn’t an ocean swimming hotspot, and in fact is actually quite dangerous for hopeful swimmers. But don’t despair, as there are multiple places you can have a wonderfully refreshing dip on this stunning island.

If you’re not heading over to the champagne pools then be sure to get down to Lake McKenzie (of course you will!). This is one of the most sublime spots on the whole island and the perfect place for kicking back on the sand and ultra chilling.

Dingo spotting

Fraser Island is home to a pretty sizable dingo population, and if you’re lucky, and adventurous, you may just find yourself spotting a few of these rogue dogs on the shores or in the shrub.

Dingoes can be pretty elusive, but if you jump aboard a tour then you might just have a pretty fantastic chance of spotting some of these unfairly infamous creatures in the wilds of Fraser Island.



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