Hervey Bay Seafood Festival

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/13/2020

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Dine on endless seafood treats at Fraser Island’s favourite festival!

Love seafood? Who doesn’t! Fraser Island certainly does, hosting an extravagant festival dedicated to all things marine cuisine related! Head to this epic event and get ready to feast on the multitude of meals until you unlatch your belt a couple of holes!

About the Festival

Surrender to your love for fresh marine treats at one of the best seafood festivals in Australia. On the 9th of August, Hervey Bay comes together to showcase the flavours of the sea with a tantalising range of local seafood products and regional cuisine styles. Located in the Seafront Oval in Pialba, the entire event offers a picturesque coastal scenery to go with the music and food presented.

  • The Food

    The entire festival is managed by the local fisherman of Hervey Bay, so it guaranteed the caught served here are the absolute best possible. Stalls are lined with fresh fish on ice or delicious crayfish roaming large aquarium tanks, with the fishermen standing by giving you detailed information on the type of seafood, the sustainability of it, and the cuisines you can create with these caught. Other Stalls already have this seafood served to perfection, with some poached, baked, or only lightly battered for some delicious treats to munch on. Wander the stalls and pick your favourite meal, relaxing in the soft grass of set up tables to feast with the seafood industry! All the stalls support the local seafood from catch to plate so the more you eat the more you are helping.

  • The Music

    This festival isn’t just going to satisfy your tastebuds, with your ears getting a show as well with the array of musical talent set to play. The entire event is matched with a train of musical shows, from Brad Butcher, Colt Seavers Band, Craig Lamond, Fred Smith and Fiona O’Shea. All showcasing their unique talent with country, folk, and classic Aussie songs.

  • The Entertainment

    See how to cook this marvellous range of seafood at the festival’s Fisherman’s Kitchen Seafood Cookery Marquee! Here folk can see a number of stunning chefs do their own style of seafood cuisine! See Javier Codina, who makes his annual visit to Hervey Bay for this cookery marquee. Born in Barcelona, Codina showcases his Catalan style of cooking using the large range of seafood products available to him! Visitors can sit back and be in awe and watch the talented Sebastian de Kort work! With a history of breadmaking in his early career, Kort brings together the seafood with fresh bread to make mouth-watering cuisines that have your tastebuds thanking you! These are just a couple of famous chefs on offer, so learn their tricks and tips while you stop into this fabulous festival!

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