Are the K’gari pinnacles worth seeing?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/16/2024

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K’gari boasts golden sand, beautiful clear water, breathtaking views, and swimming holes.

K’gari is a beautiful sand island that is over 1600 kilometres square, making it the world’s largest sand island! The island sits along the southeastern coast of Australia in Queensland, about a six-hour drive from Brisbane.

But is it worth seeing the Pinnacles on K’gari? We certainly think it’s worth it! The Pinnacles are sand dune towers that are made up of different colours. These towers have different layers that are over 70 variants of brown, red, and yellow. The different layers formed over many years from the rain and wind mixed the fusion of sand and clay.

Are there other things to see near the Pinnacles?

Luckily for you, before or after you see the Pinnacles, there are plenty of other things to see that are nearby!

Maheno Shipwreck

Sitting on 75 Mile Beach is the Mehano Shipwreck. The shipwreck was an SS Maheno that was used between 1905 to 1935.

The ship ended up being washed up to shore after a cyclone broke the tow line when the ship was being taken to Japan for scraps. Today the shipwreck is very much a shipwreck, just very rusty!

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is K’gari’s largest creek and one of the best swimming spots on the island. The creek is crystal clear fresh water, making it a great place to cool off during the day. By the creek, there is also a nice grassy area for a picnic.

75 Mile Beach

The Pinnacles sits on 75 Mile Beach, and so do a lot of interesting attractions! 75 Mile Beach stretches out to be about 120 kilometres!

While you’re on the island, you are always going to be driving across this beach, so you won’t miss it.

How can I get around K’gari?

The only way to get around K’gari is via a high clearance four-wheel drive. Due to all the roads being sand, it is essential to have this type of car to get around the island.

What if I don’t have a suitable car?

No problem if you don’t have a suitable car! You can either hire the correct car you need or join a tour! There are different tours that take you out to K’gari for you to be able to see all the main attractions.
If you have a day to spare, there are one-day tours that depart from Hervey Bay or from Rainbow Beach.

How long do I need to visit K’gari?

If you have the time, we certainly recommend at least one night/two days on the island. This will mean you get the very best and make the most out of your time seeing just how stunning the island is. Travel in your own car or book a two-day tour departing from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach.

If you have spare time and want to make the most out of your trip to K’gari, try to spend three days on the island! You can explore on your own or book in this incredible three-day tour of K’gari!

The Pinnacles are a popular attraction on K’gari, but it is also usually less crowded compared to other areas. The best time to come down to see the Pinnacles is at sunrise as the light reflects off the different coloured layers.

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