Govi Creek, Fraser Island

Govi Creek is nestled on the eastern coastline of Fraser Island.

Starting from Dilli Village and flowing into the Coral Sea of the South Pacific Ocean. Govi Creek is surrounded by unspoilt stretches of bush, beach, and ocean. Take a look at the reasons you should travel here on your next trip to Fraser Island!

  • If you are camping

    The main appeal of Govi Creek is the camping! The area is chock full of fantastic camping spots. Perfect for large groups or numerous campers, as there is plenty of space, and numerous sections to choose from. You can choose to set up at the beach spots or bush areas, either area for self-sufficient campers or groups looking for facilities. All areas include a dingo fencing for safety, letting you relax without the risk of unfriendly visitors. If weather allows, you can even enjoy a campfire to roast your marshmallows in the cool salty beach air.

  • If you want to discover an unspoiled natural spot

    There are bush walks aplenty in this area, promising stunning scenery with native flora and fauna scattering the area. The walking tracks can range in effort, but always make sure you are wearing suitable walking shoes and you bring water for the journey. Keep your eyes peeled for the animals rustling in the bushes and hanging from the tree branches. The much-loved kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes are seen year-round at Govi Creek. With common sightings of pelicans, eels and Australia’s large range of reptiles. If you are sightseeing the coast, try to spot the dolphins, whales, stingrays, and freshwater turtles that flood the area.

  • If you are looking for a unique swimming spot

    Stroll along the smooth white sand as you look out to the pristine waters. You can choose to cool off in either the refreshing waters of the sparkling ocean or splash around in the calming creek alongside the camping ground. Some areas do not allow swimming so you must make sure you check the signs or ask the rangers before taking a dip.

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