Visit the Sand Dunes of Fraser Island

Find out why Fraser Island’s sand dunes are well worth the visit!

The unspoilt world of Fraser Island is home to an array of unique natural sights. Pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and wonderful swimming holes crowd the area. With one of the most exceptional places to witness being the famous sand dunes.

What are the Sand Dunes?

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. For around 750,000 years, sand has been slowly gathered up by the wind and wave, pushing the sand from the far south east coast of Australia all the way to this outter ocean region. The build up of sand slowly came above seas level, and created these sand dunes, which progress across the island, sometimes burying forests. The dunes that remain, located behind the eastern beaches, are protected from the winds, which stabilize these sandbanks.

The sand dunes serve an important purpose, protecting the inland areas from coastal water intrusion and wind. They are able to absorb the impact, acting as a barrier for the rainforests within the centre of the island.

What to do at the Sand Dunes

The sand dunes on Fraser island unfortunately are not recommended to board down, with numerous injuries and danger, as well as the damage it can cause to the foreshore and dune systems. Regardless, you can still enjoy these dunes, trekking up to the young dunes near the eastern beaches. These colonised and stabilised dunes have wildlife sprinkling the area, away from the harsh salt and wind conditions, perfect for a breathtaking hike for the jaw-dropping view.

Seeing the other sights

The creation of this unique island has formed astonishing aspects scattering the area. This includes the extraordinary rainforest, the freshwater lakes, as well as some of the best viewpoints of the area.

  • Rainforest

    A truly unique aspect of these sandbanks is the ability for plant life to grow within the sand. This is a rare ability as sand is notorious for its low nutrients essential for plants. The presence of the mycorrhizal fungi within the sand makes the plant growth possible. This has made the island the only sand island on the entire earth that has a rainforest on top of it at elevations of over 200 metres. The rainforests have an immense assortment of vegetation, with subtropical rainforests found in the heart of the island. Immerse yourself in the lush forest land of the island and trek through to see the flora and fauna scattered within.

  • Lakes

    The crystal-clear waters of Lake Mckenzie are one of the perched lakes of the Island. The white, silica sand is so pure and soft that it performs as a filter to the water, transforming the lake into a transparent gem. The water is also known to have healing powers. Due to the surrounding Tea trees boarding the edges. Tea tree oil is a magical cure for a range of body pains, thought to boost the immune system and encourage blood circulation. The tea tree leaves fall, landing in the water, the oil secreting from the leaves and seeping into the water. Resulting in the magical oil water of Lake Mackenzie.

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