What is Fraser Island Famous For?

Fraser Island, a wonderland bursting with unspoiled swimming spots, lush greenery, enormous dunes, and soft sand beaches. It is one of Australia’s top attractions, bringing over 350,000 travellers each year. But why is it so famous? What is so great about this Island?

Just off the Australian’s east coast of Queensland, Fraser Island stretches 123 kilometres down and 23 kilometres across. It is listed as the largest sand island in the world and is the only place where the rainforest grown on sand. Inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1992 due to this incredible natural marvel. It is an ancient sight, estimating to have formed over 800, 000 years ago. Divided by ownership, the north side comprises the Great Sandy National Park, while the remaining land consists of state forest and private land.

The island charms tourists not with just its universal importance, but with its residing attractions. Here are just a few of the most renowned attractions on the Island.

75 Mile Beach

Named after, yep you guessed it, how long it is, the 75-mile beach stretches along the east coast of Fraser Island. It is the spine of the Island, offering a gateway to many key attractions including Rainbow Beach or Eli Creek. However, it is not without its charm, as one of the most popular activities at this beach is to speed down the sand in your 4WD. Cruise along the stretch and spray the sea water high above you as you swerve through the soaking sand. Make sure to only bring a four-wheel-drive car, as any other type would not handle the rough landscape.

Float down Eli Creek

Get your heart to slow down from that adrenaline pumping drive as you head to the next stop, Eli Creek. Famous for its clear, fresh water, great for a lunch or swimming spot. Float in the water and let the creek glide you down the stream. Pack a picnic and set up in one of the picnic areas sprinkling the creeks sides.

Lake McKenzie

The magical lake with healing powers. Lake McKenzie is famous for its ability to heal any aches or pains you have. Drift in the water and emerge felling better than ever. This is due to the Tea trees scattering the edges. Tea tree oil is said to be a magical cure for a range of ailments, thought to boost the immune system and encourage blood circulation. The tea tree leaves fall off the branches and land in the lake, the oil from these leaves seeping in, leaving the oily water with magical properties. Have your worries and pains melt away as you float in this clear sapphire water.

Maheno Shipwreck

Discover the history of the land at the Maheno Shipwreck, found on Fraser Island’s shore. Fraser has many shipwreck stories over the years, but Maheno is by far the most famous. Swept to shore in 1925 after a cyclone it, the rusting metal ship contrasts brilliantly with the stunning beach scenery.

The Pinnacles

Fraser Island’s colourful sand cliffs is a beautiful sight to see. With up to 72 different colours, make sure to bring your camera to capture this natural wonder. The Pinnacles are a significant area for local Aboriginal people, as they believe is was formed due a Rainbow Serpent. Learn more about this story when you visit!

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