Things to Do on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and therefore boasts plenty of incredible views out across pristine beaches. Throughout the island, there are numerous bays and coves to explore, all of which sweep out into the stunning blue ocean.

There are several great lookout spots as you venture around the coast, promising great views over the unique and surreal landscape below.

Fraser Island

Top Things to Do in and Around Fraser Island

The incredible scenery and seemingly endless beaches mean there is plenty to do in Fraser Island and in its surrounding regions. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the area.

1. See the Lakes

Fraser Island is renowned for its crystal clear lakes and you can find two of the best close to the area. Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby are set just to the south of the area. These beautiful freshwater lakes are ideal for a refreshing swim.

Lake McKenzie

2. Central Station

Still in the south, you can explore the picturesque rainforest and its short boardwalk at the Central Station. The pretty walk weaves around Wanggoolba Creek, exposing visitors to some of the island’s most breath-taking scenery.

3. Eli Creek

North of the island, there is Eli Creek, the largest and most popular creek on this side of the island. In its vicinity, you can explore the fascinating Maheno Wreck, an old, beached ship that has been buried in the sand right by the creek.

Eli Creek

4. The Cathedrals

Sand is a huge part of Fraser Island, and you can witness it in all its glory at The Cathedrals. These towering cliffs are made up of colourful sand and are some of the island’s most inspiring natural wonders.

5. Lake Allom

In a similar area, venture to Lake Allom where you can discover its picturesque forest backdrop and its collection of native tortoises.

6. Champagne Pools

Fancy a cooling dip? The Champagne Pools at Middle Rocks provide the perfect place to go for a swim. The clear seawater is the ideal place to cool off when the weather gets warm.

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