The Tea Tree Oils of Lake McKenzie

Picture endless sand unfolding out to the horizon and back. This is Fraser Island, an island made entirely of sand that needs a four-wheel-drive to get across. There are no roads here, just beaches and dirt tracks, as well as plenty of native animal and plant species. In the waters surrounding the island, sharks, rays, whales, and dolphins frolic in the waves, while other animals hang out on the undulating sand dunes.

Elsewhere, turtles make their homes in crystal clear lakes, while an ancient rainforest sits at the heart of it all, promising a lush abundance of green canopies and even more beautiful natural wonders.

Fraser Island is mysterious and unique, with plenty of magical elements that make it feel like another dimension entirely – think world-heritage listed forests, tea-tree infused lakes that languish inky black and rusty red against the vibrant green of ancient trees. There’s something for everyone here, especially if you’re looking to indulge in some soul soothing.

About Lake McKenzie

One of the most popular attractions on the island is Lake McKenzie, a perched lake that can be found 6.2km southeast of the vibrant Kingfisher Resort. The lake itself spans 1,200 metres in length and more than 930 metres wide.

The lake is particularly unique because the sands that flank it are made up of pure, white silica, while the lake is so incredibly pure that it isn’t suitable for many of the island’s inhabitants.

It is known as a perched lake because it only contains rainwater and no groundwater, and it is neither fed by streams nor flows into the ocean, making it a non-moving body of water. The lack of movement means it is impossibly clear.

But there’s a hidden depth to Lake McKenzie, and that’s its secret stock of tea tree. The trees framing the lake are predominantly tea tree and, as the leaves drop into the water, they turn it a thick, brown colour and hand over some of the plant’s healing properties.

In these parts (and around the rest of the world) tea tree oil is known as a magical cure for a range of ailments, and is thought to boost the immune system and encourage blood circulation. Step into the oily water and you might just find yourself free from any aches and pains.

The best part about Lake McKenzie is that even though it’s one of Fraser Island’s most popular landmarks, it also remains pretty isolated, particularly if you visit at dusk or dawn. This means you can clearly hear the birds singing while soaking up the magical beauty of the place and indulging in some curative properties.

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