Do you need a permit for Fraser Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/04/2019

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Work out if you need a permit whether you are camping, driving through, or simply heading with a tour!

Picture yourself amidst soft white sands, pristine waters, and a rich landscape of flora and fauna. This natural wonderland is Australia’s exceptional Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the entire world. The island offers an array of attractions and activities, leaving even the fussiest traveller satisfied. But before packing up to go, learning the island’s rules is defiantly an essential chore, most particularly Fraser Island’s permits.

What Car Permits are there

For Fraser Island, the only car allowed on its sandy roads is four-wheeled drives (4WD). This is due to the area’s tough terrain, with large bumps, off road tracks, and river banks that would bog any other vehicle. If you are bringing your own or hiring one that isn’t within the Kingfisher Bay Resort & Village boundary must have a permit to enter the area.

What Camping Permits are there

Fraser Island is packed full of camping spots, with some edging on the beach and others amidst the thick bushland. Camping offers guests the freedom to explore the area both around and beyond their camping grounds, letting you be fully absorbed in nature during your stay. However, one rule that every overnight visitor must follow is a camping permit. Fraser Island’s Department of Environment and Resource Management requires every camping visitor to obtain a permit when arriving. No matter your camping location, your permit must be posted on your tent to be visible to park rangers.

Costs for Permits

Vehicle permits in Fraser Island cost around forty-three dollars for a month or less, with this being the smallest permit offered. If you are travelling longer, or are a frequent traveller, there is a year permit for more than two hundred dollars. You can purchase these permits at either counter booking office or online.

Camping permits costs around seven dollars per night per person, with children under 5 years of age free. If you are travelling with your family, you can pay around thirty per night instead.

Permits and Tours

If travelling on a tour, you won’t have to purchase or worry about permits, as unless stated in tour’s information, they usually include it in the ticket. Majority of the vehicles the tours use have permits permanently, and camping permits are usually organised for the group prior.

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