Things to Do at Cooloola National Park

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Noosa RiverLanguishing close to Fraser Island, between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach to the north of Brisbane, Cooloola Recreation Area sits pretty in the Great Sandy National Park.

This region of the Sunshine Coast lets you escape the busy crowds of the city centre and enjoy the incredible scenery that this part of Australia is renowned for.

In Cooloola, you’ll get to experience a whole host of different landscapes, from towering sand dunes, wide rugged beaches, and tall forests that hide copses of wildflowers and magical paperbark swamps. Throughout it all, there are a smattering of freshwater lakes, as well as the mesmerising expanse of the upper part of the Noosa River.

things to do bushwalkThings to Do in Cooloola
Cooloola is a popular recreation area and, with its eclectic selection of scenery, has a wide range of things for visitors to do.

Canoe the River
The upper part of the Noosa River forms an important part of Cooloola, and exploring it by canoe is a great way to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery. You can take your own canoe and explore at your own pace, or you can join a canoe tour that will take you to all the notable spots.

Cruise the River
If you fancy something a little more leisurely, opt for one of the relaxing cruises that sweep up and down the river each day. You’ll get a unique vantage point of the pretty banks – keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife.

Take a Walk
The landscape of Cooloola is varied and fascinating, making it a great place to take a leisurely stroll. You can walk through woodlands and waterholes, discovering the collection of freshwater lakes and unique views along the way.

4wd beachTake a 4WD Tour
Get your adrenalin pumping with a 4WD adventure north along the beach from the North Shore of Noose. As you go, you’ll power past colourful sand cliffs and emerge of wide swathes of beaches that have been pummelled by the wild wind and water.

Camp Amongst Wildlife
The stunning natural beauty of Cooloola lends itself perfectly to camping. Throughout the region, there are a few camping spots that let you bed down amongst the wildflowers and sleep beneath the stars. Really unwind by living the old fashioned lifestyle of catching your own fresh fish from the sea and rise early to watch the milky pink sunrise over the river.

Cooloola is filled with an excellent selection of coastal and marine wildlife, too, so keep your eyes peeled on every adventure you take – you never know what you might see.